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Du Lich Da Nang

Whether it is milk steamer or top-rated milk frother, proper maintenance and also use are essential for boosting its sturdiness in addition to for averting threats and/or incidents. For this function at first, you should review the manual meticulously, especially if you are a newbie and also are not familiar with the device use. Doing so will certainly help you recognize the purpose of the device’s style such as for home heating coffee or making coffee. Currently, let’s see the best ways to take care or maintain a milk frother from different angles.

Compatibility with Frothed Drinks

For far better and long-term end results, it is vital to discover the kinds of dairy books that you can make use of with the unit. Most electrical milk frothers work with low-fat dairy products, soy milk, skim milk, entire milk, and also coconut milk but several of them shall deliver a thick, gummy froth when a few of these products are gone into.


Even more important is to guarantee that you do not include even more of improper components since they can strangle the home appliance or create jam between the parts. Further, before using the device, merely ascertain that you do not include greater than the optimum capability of the container or place less than the minimum ability or degree. This is to be cared for, as frothers often sputter more foam particularly while dealing with hot milk. To avoid splilling, the degree of milk must be here the optimum mark. Normally, the container reveals a line inside to expose the Max and also Min marks for both home heating as well as frothing milk.

Settings and Temperature

Many frothers typically have 3 settings for sunny, chilly, and warmer froth, respectively. With merely a solitary touch button, you can adjust for warmth to be nil, average, and high. Nevertheless, there are a couple of devices wherein you are required to keep the button pressed for some seconds for frothing cool milk by leaving heating. While a few devices automatically turned off as soon as frothing is over, some need you to do so. However, in both the cases, you need to deal with press button such that it does not get pushed also severely or with wet hands. Involving the temperature level, it really varies as per the dish. There is no rigorous as well as fixed temperature, as its forecast could misshape or ruin the milk or its flavor. So, keeping the preferred temperature level different for every dish is important. For example, preserving below 150 degrees for steamed milk delivers a strong taste, while anything beyond 160 decreases the taste. If you remain to vapor or froth all kinds of milk at 150 degrees, it will not just ruin the output but likewise the performing ability of the device. Preserving the particular temperature level is vital for making sure the much longer long-term performance of the frother. Consequently, consistently use the specialized button to transform the temperature as per the demand.

Washing as well as Appropriate Handling of Parts

The disk is perhaps the main part of an electric frother, which is placed versus the shaft at the base of the container. You need to guarantee that the disk moves in effectively or else it may obtain dislocated as a result of which rolling for frothing will certainly not take place. In case you do not insert the disk, it can cause milk burning as well as out of proportion home heating. You need to wash both the disk and milk container after every usage. For this function, you initially have to turn off and also unplug the system to make sure that it becomes chilly. Then, you should separate the disk as well as clean it in cozy water. As a pointer, stay clear of making use of a dishwashing machine for cleaning frothing disks to keep its long lasting efficiency although you could use it for the container as well as cover. It is suggested making use of soap, warm water, and a soft material for cleansing all the components. For cleaning a heating plate, you have to make use of a wet textile for wiping and also cooking soda for scrubbing, to eliminate that taint that forms when it calls spilled milk. Stay clear of usage of abrasive or alkaline-based cleaners or any kind of thing of wool as well as steel for washing to preserve the fine exterior gloss. Similarly, the electrical parts at the bottom ought to be cleaned making use of a smooth towel and without utilizing water.


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Visit www.stockbarometer.com to try 4 weeks of this newsletter for only $1.

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Market Summary

Don’t get excited about the bullish reversal we saw last week. Below you see the Bullish Percentage Index. The pattern we are seeing us much like that in July, slightly after the birth of the bear market. Perhaps this time is a real bullish reversal, but I would hold off buying stock at the moment.

Damon Verial Stock Options

Market Outlook

The Momentum Factor ETF (MTUM) gives us insight into the performance of stocks with high upward momentum. Clearly, the trend not upward but sideways or possibly downward. The moving averages have separated, the short-term line falling below. Also, the pattern here is much different from that of early July. In comparison, this current pattern seems to predict a lagging upward momentum in the market.

Damon Verial Stock Options

Volatility has started to even out after a spike. This does not mean that people are gaining more confidence in the market. It mealy means that the market does not appear as chaotic now as it did in late August. Volatility is still high relative to our recent bull market. Still, at any time, volatility can spike to its high levels last month. In the market, we often see spontaneous spikes in volatility followed by more spontaneous spikes in volatility, implying that they are dependent. That is, a spike in volatility is now more likely as a result of our past spike in volatility.

Damon Verial's Stock Options

Options-based Market Analysis

Here we see the put/call ratio for index options. Clearly, the bias is toward puts. This bias is becoming stronger as more professional traders hedge against downside risk – i.e., a market crash, correction, or lasting bear market.

Damon Verial's Stock Options

The put/call ratio on equities, characteristically under 1.0, representing a general bullish bias of non-professional traders, is now starting to head toward 1.0. This means that even the average-Joe options trader is taking on a bearish viewpoint:

Damon Verial's Stock Options

Aggregating these two charts will give us a broader view of the put/call ratio. It can show us whether the professional investors’ bearish tilt overpowers the non-professionals’ bullish tilt. We see a clear preference for put options, a phenomenon that began in early August and is only fiercer today:

Damon Verial's Stock Options

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Stock Market Update Sent Tuesday, September 8, 2015 View as plaintext
Good morning Traders,
This week we are featuring a report from Damon Verial – our Gap Trader discussing how he uses gaps to read the stock market.  Try Damon’s service for only $1 for 1 month by clicking the links below and using the Discount Code listed.

Market Outlook: What the Gaps Are Telling Us

I watch gaps every day for trading opportunities. I can play up gaps or down gaps. Typically, I play them 50/50 up-down. But last Friday we saw 565 stocks gap down, whereas only 4 stocks gapped up (not counting inverse ETFs).
Rarely do I care about the market as a whole when trading gaps, but the 565:4 ratio in down gaps to up gaps is pessimistic for the market as a whole. The divergence between these numbers were so strong that I’m looking at the market itself to see if a possible gap play exists on the SPY or QQQ.
However, I have not seen a playable gap in the past week on the market as a whole. Though I could have told you two weeks ago, upon witnessing the first down gap in the SPX that 2035 would have been a good value to short:
Damon Verial
But just looking at this chart, I can see another common pattern – one that goes hand-in-hand with gaps: the evening star. This is a very bearish pattern, as it represents a failed attempt at investors trying to “buy the dip.” It’s likely the market will fall on Tuesday.
Damon Verial
Then there’s the Chaikin oscillator, which has recently become one of my favorite indicators. It’s hard to understand because it’s much like a derivative of a derivative in calculus: It’s an indicator of an indicator of an indicator. But for the most part, it gives you an idea of the future of money flow into the market. In this case, we see resistance at the break-even point of 0, and the line is beginning another decent. Investors are likely to be pulling more money out of the market next week. I myself recently wrote some QQQ call options.



 Damon Verial

Looking at individual gaps, I find many that are of interest. Let’s start with some ETFs before looking at individual stocks. I’ll offer some trading strategies for each.

Japan Hedged Equity ETF (DXJ)

This is a “hedged” fund in that it claims not to suffer from a falling exchange rate of the Yen to Dollar. So far, it has held true to this claim, climbing while the Yen has fallen. However, recently, it took a huge dive.



 Damon Verial

I often watch the DXJ because it’s what I call a “gappy” stock. I shows gaps nearly every day. But Friday’s gap was remarkable in that it took us out of the “up area filling” pattern. That is, we have a new breakaway signal. However, because the gap was not accompanied with a large volume nor did it take us to a new low, this is not a gap to worry about. In fact, this gap is quite playable.



 Damon Verial

I predict a fall in the price of DXJ for the first couple days of the week, followed by a bullish reversal. This ETF is worth buying at the current low. After all, the portfolio of DXJ is mainly composed of value stocks, giving it a solid fundamental basis. Taken as a market statement, the Japanese market, while at a low, is positioned to bounce back, if only slightly. Set your sell limit order at $50.61.

India Earnings Fund (EPI)

India’s market looks similar to that of Japan’s on the chart.



 Damon Verial

It’s pretty much the same play. Just realize that neither DXJ nor EPI are good investments. Play the gaps and you shall prevail; invest at this moment and you might find yourself tripping on your own feet. My advice would be to instead find a stock within the Japanese or Indian market with a similar gap and strong fundamentals; play that stock instead of the market as a whole.

Cooper (COO)

As for individual stocks, let’s start with COO. It’s now at a new low, despite the huge white candlestick the day of its gap:



 Damon Verial

The volume on the day of the gap is large enough to allow us to suspect that the gap is a breakaway or continuation gap; that is, that the stock will continue falling. With the white candlestick, we might actually be at a relative high, giving us a strong short opportunity. I predict COO to continue to fall. Short this stock or buy a put if you’re willing to take the risk. Otherwise, wait until you see a candlestick pattern that shows a weak bull pattern followed by a strong bear pattern, such as the falling three candlestick pattern:



 Damon Verial

If you see such a pattern, we are nearly 90% sure that we are on a downward continuation gap and can safely play puts on the stock. Because we are at a new low, we have no support in sight, so I have no way of predicting how big your ROI will be – just that it should be big if you buy ITM put options.
India’s market looks similar to that of Japan’s on the chart. It’s pretty much the same play. Just realize that neither DXJ nor EPI are good investments. Play the gaps and you shall prevail; invest at this moment and you might find yourself tripping on your own feet. My advice would be to instead find a stock within the Japanese or Indian market with a similar gap and strong fundamentals; play that stock instead of the market as a whole.

Esterline Tech (ESL)

Next is Esterline Tech, which provides products to the US military and industrial complex. This stock has dropped with a breakaway gap.



 Damon Verial

This looks like a pretty safe bear play based on its volume, its new low, and its history for having big breakaway gaps. Your best bet for this play is to wait for money to see if we are in the same region. I predict a matching low, at which point we can be very confident that we are in the beginning of a downward trend. Then it’s your chance to short (or buy put options). I might get in on this one myself.
To follow along with these trades, click any of the links below and use Discount Code PGS1 to get your first month for only $1:
Carl Adams, Publisher

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