Hottest Financial Stocks For 2017

The most important thing to know about buying stocks is that you have finite capital and finite time to reach your goal.  So you want to own stocks when they’re going up, and sell them when they stop.  It’s that simple.

That means stock selection is key.  It is not enough to have positive earnings growth, because there are several thousand stocks that trade every day and many of them have good earnings – and a good story.  But not all of them are going up.  So it is even more important that the stock goes up, then it having any earnings at all.

But there are enough stocks out there that are going up and have quality earnings and earnings growth.  This is where your your search starts.

Next consideration is which one to buy.  If you have 5 stocks to chose from, and you have plenty of data to evaluate, you can easily pick by running through the charts.  Mathematically similar to the secretary problem, with 5 picks, you have a 38% chance of being right.  In fact, you could by all 5, and considering randomness and the law of large numbers, you can assume 2 will perform, 2 will fail and one won’t do anything.  That is why proper money management is the key to making money trading.  So whatever you do, use stops, and you’ll live to trade another day.

So, next consideration is market timing.  That means, that every day is not the right day to trade.  So what day is?  There are numerous ways to time the market.  It is something that at they have built a reputation at being the best and sharing their timing indicators for the every day trader and investor.

Here are 5 stocks to consider for 2017:

IGT – International Game Technology

CYBR – Cyberark Software LTD

M – Morgan Stanley

PANW – Palo Alto Networks Inc

F5 Networks Inc

These stocks have tremendous potential to continue higher into and through 2017.

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